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Expert Lawyer Representing Head & Brain Injury Cases in Oakland

Every year, upwards of one million Americans experience some sort of traumatic brain injury. It doesn’t matter if the trauma was the result of an automobile accident, a playground mishap or a machinery failure—the damage forever changes the lives of the casualties and their families. At the Law Offices of James E. Latimer, we handle both open- and closed-wound head injury cases in Oakland, and aggressively pursue the compensation that victims may be eligible to receive. While no amount of money can make up for the pain and suffering of a TBI, it could reduce some of the financial burden of medical expenses and enable better care and quality of life following the accident.

Have You Suffered a Spinal Cord Injury That Resulted in Chronic Pain or Paralysis?

Spinal cord injuries are even more common than brain injuries, affecting as many as five million Americans annually. The results of a spine trauma range from chronic pain to temporary loss of function to complete paralysis. These physical problems also take an emotional toll on victims who are dealing with the inability to work or participate in day-to-day activities.

Possible Compensation for Long-Term Care

At the Law Offices of James E. Latimer, we carefully analyze your case to calculate present and future health care costs. These may include:

  • Equipment rentals or purchases
  • Home and vehicle accessibility upgrades
  • Rehabilitation
  • In-home healthcare
  • Nursing home fees

We also take into account interest and inflation when determining how much to seek in damages. Our team passionately pursues the maximum amount possible based on your case.

Also Serving Concord & Surrounding Areas

If you or a loved one has suffered a head, brain or spinal cord injury, contact the Law Offices of James E. Latimer at 510-444-6555 to schedule a free consultation with a brain injury attorney, or, in the event of a terminal injury, a wrongful death attorney. We have been handling cases for residents of Oakland, Concord and Richmond for more than 20 years and never bill for legal work unless compensation is awarded.

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