Frequently Asked Worker Injury Questions

What benefits am I entitled to receive?

Workers’ comp law states that you are entitled to receive such benefits as the following:

  • Medical care: all qualifying treatments paid for by your employer.
  • Temporary disability benefits: payments if you lose wages because you can’t work for some time.
  • Permanent disability benefits: payments if you don’t fully recover.
  • Job displacement benefits: help in being retrained for a new line of work.
  • Death benefits: payments to your spouse and/or dependents if you die from your work-related injuries.



Can my employer deduct money from my wages to cover workers’ comp?

No. It is a legal requirement that your employer pay for workers’ compensation insurance as part of their cost of doing business.



Am I covered if I’m an independent contract worker?

No. If you are an independent contract worker, you are considered a self-employed worker.



Can I use alternative medicine and still have my treatments paid for?

In California, doctors who provide services for injuries under workers’ compensation are required to use treatment methods that are scientifically recognized in the medical community.The law has provided a list of acceptable treatments for each area of the body. Before you choose an alternative treatment, you should check to make sure it is covered. If you have any questions, please contact our office.



Are there any limitations on my treatments?

If your injury was sustained after 2004, chiropractic treatments and physical therapy may be limited to 24 visits each. More visits may be approved if you’ve had surgery that requires treatment.
In addition, other requests for more treatments can be approved by a claims administrator on a case-by-case basis.