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Frequently Asked Worker Injury Questions

What benefits am I entitled to receive?

Workers’ comp law states that you are entitled to receive such benefits as the following:

  • Medical care: all qualifying treatments paid for by your employer.
  • Temporary disability benefits: payments if you lose wages because you can’t work for some time.
  • Permanent disability benefits: payments if you don’t fully recover.
  • Job displacement benefits: help in being retrained for a new line of work.
  • Death benefits: payments to your spouse and/or dependents if you die from your work-related injuries.

Can my employer deduct money from my wages to cover workers’ comp?

No. It is a legal requirement that your employer pay for workers’ compensation insurance as part of their cost of doing business.

Am I covered if I’m an independent contract worker?

No. If you are an independent contract worker, you are considered a self-employed worker.

Can I use alternative medicine and still have my treatments paid for?

In California, doctors who provide services for injuries under workers’ compensation are required to use treatment methods that are scientifically recognized in the medical community.The law has provided a list of acceptable treatments for each area of the body. Before you choose an alternative treatment, you should check to make sure it is covered. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Are there any limitations on my treatments?

If your injury was sustained after 2004, chiropractic treatments and physical therapy may be limited to 24 visits each. More visits may be approved if you’ve had surgery that requires treatment.
In addition, other requests for more treatments can be approved by a claims administrator on a case-by-case basis.

What Can I Do After Getting Injured at Work?

Knowing what to do immediately after an accident can be challenging, but it can affect your workers’ compensation claim later. After a workplace accident, do the following actions:

  • Report the Incident
    It’s crucial to inform your employer of the accident and any injuries the same day it occurs. Additionally, you should make sure that it is proven that you informed your employer. Some employment regulations permit termination if your employer does not give timely notice.
  • Get Medical Help
    Seek medical help as soon as you can. Your company will provide instructions on who to see for medical care if it is not an emergency. You should seek medical care independently if your company doesn’t give you any information.
  • Contact a Reliable Workers Comp Attorney in Oakland, CA
    From the beginning of this process, an attorney can defend your rights at LatimerLaw. Our experts will assist you in making a claim and see that you receive the necessary medical attention. It’s crucial in any situation to adhere to your doctor’s recommendations. Your workers’ compensation claim can only be accepted if you follow their instructions.
    Imagine if your claim is rejected, we can still help you to reclaim and get the benefits. The denial of workers’ compensation claims is rather prevalent. Our attorneys are aware of the paperwork requirements and procedures for filing appeals.
    If you cannot work because of your injuries, we can also help you apply for Social Security Disability benefits. These statements are intricate and depend on supporting evidence from reports and other sources.
    Your rights after a workplace accident will be significantly protected by our experience handling both claims. We will battle to obtain the compensation and benefits you deserve because we are strong advocates.

What is the First Thing to Do in Case of an Injury at Work?

The first step is to notify your employer of the injury and complete all required documentation, making sure to list all affected body parts. If the injury is severe, take pictures of the region and the objects that contributed to the damage. Identify witnesses to your injury and get their names, contact information, and addresses.

Who Should I Contact for Workers Compensation?

You should contact an Oakland, CA, workers’ compensation lawyer to claim workers’ compensation. Our attorneys at LatimerLaw, a workers’ compensation attorney in Oakland, CA, have extensive experience dealing with injured workers’ claims. The workers’ compensation system in Oakland, CA, is complicated. The good news is that we can answer your questions and assist you in understanding the procedure.
We stand up for employees in Oakland, CA. After being hurt at work, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll defend your legal rights.

What is the Right Time to Contact Professional Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Oakland?

The amount of time you have to file a claim or lawsuit depends on several things, such as:

  • Your age
  • Your mental state at the time of the accident
  • The state in which you reside
  • Who injured you (such as a doctor, a government agency, a private individual, etc.)?

It would help if you spoke with an attorney immediately following your accident to avoid violating the rigorous deadlines associated with making a claim or launching a lawsuit. Make sure the lawyer you speak with has experience with cases like yours. The phrase “statutes of limitation” or “claim statutes” is frequently used to describe these deadlines.

Can I Contact Workers Compensation Law Center in Oakland to Collect Benefits If I am Injured on the Road to Work?

According to the skilled workers’ compensation attorney at LatimerLaw, it may be challenging to determine whether you are covered by work comp. If you were working during an injury or accident, you are often eligible for work comp benefits. Please remember that more than these two components are needed to ensure coverage.
If you were using drugs or alcohol while at work or intentionally damaged yourself, you might not be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Contact a knowledgeable and reliable workers comp attorney in Oakland, CA, to find out if you can file a claim for compensation for work-related injuries.

When can a Workers' Compensation Attorney in Oakland, CA Can, Help Me?

It might be challenging to ascertain whether you are protected by work comp, according to the knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer at LatimerLaw. Your eligibility for work comp is typically based on two key criteria:

  • Whether you were working at the time of the accident
  • If your injury occurred “in the course and scope of employment.”

Please remember these two elements do not guarantee that coverage. You might not be qualified to collect workers’ compensation benefits if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs or hurt yourself on purpose. Get in touch with a skilled Oakland, CA workers’ compensation lawyer to learn if you can claim work comp compensation.

How Can a Reliable Workers Comp Attorney in Oakland, CA, Help Me?

A knowledgeable Oakland, CA, workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the maximum compensation allowed by law and determine whether you are eligible to receive work comp benefits. They can:

  • Prepare and submit paperwork
  • Manage all interactions with your employer
  • The insurance provider;

Contact LatimerLaw immediately to speak with a tenacious reliable workers comp attorney in Oakland, CA. The initial consultation is complimentary and private. Are you worried about the price of competent legal counsel? The work comp attorneys we work with are all paid after you are.

Will I Use My Benefits If Returning to Work for Part Time?

Your benefits may end if you return to work and make more money or the same amount as you did before getting hurt. However, even if your doctor only advises that you return to work part-time after previously working full-time, you may still be eligible for benefits for lost wages. Remember that the amount you receive will be decreased to reflect your part-time income.