While most employers do what they can to prevent workplace accidents, employees may still find themselves injured on the job. Many workers find that they fall victim to life-changing ailments at their place of work. Here are the top ten causes of workplace injuries:


Wet floors can commonly result in head and brain trauma.

Falling Objects

From construction sites to office buildings, falling objects are often a cause of injury.


Back and spine pain are common in many professions including nursing, construction and agriculture.


Many falls in the workplace are due to hazardous working conditions.

Hazardous Materials

Your employer may be liable for chemical burns and even loss of sight if safety protocols are not followed when working around dangerous chemicals.


Common accidents occur while operating vehicles, forklifts and construction equipment.


Working past the level of fatigue can impair reaction time and decision making.

Repetitive Motion

Some repetitive stress issues include carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic elbow pain from factory or office work.


Worrying too much can cause distractions at work as well as contribute to chronic illnesses that can be debilitating.

Workplace Violence

This includes any act or threat of physical violence or harassment that occurs at a workplace.

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