If you have scheduled a consultation with a worker’s compensation attorney in Oakland to file your claims, the first meeting is very crucial. You are likely to be a little apprehensive and also have a lot of things going around in your mind. Your first meeting with a work injury attorney would provide you with a fair idea on the merits of your case and whether you are likely to receive the compensation and other benefits that you are fighting for. This meeting is vital and you need to go well prepared for the same. Here are a few documents that you must carry while meeting your attorney for the first time. 

  • Medical records that detail the treatment you have undergone after the injury and also long term rehabilitation treatments.
  •  Medical reports from any independent practitioner if you have consulted one apart from your treating doctor as assigned by the insurer.
  • Any photographs or videos that may have been taking during or after the injury. Try and see if you can get hold of the footage from the security cameras. 
  • Copies of all your medical bills that you have incurred during the treatment. This can also include bills of any other rehab therapy that you may have undergone.
  • All relevant employment records include those indicating the day you were hired, the role you are hired for and the job duties mentioned in the contract.
  • Copies of all the communication between you and your employer. In the case of email, communication does carry hard copies of the emails.
  • Copy of the accident report that your employer may have shared with you detailing out what led to the injury and also its immediate aftermath. 
  • Contact details of fellow workers or any other person who stood witness to your injury.

Apart from these if there is any other document you feel is relevant to your claim you should carry to your worker’s compensation attorney. It is advisable that you write a chronology of the events on a piece of paper. You can either hand it over to the attorney or use it to ensure every relevant detail is shared with the lawyer. Workers’ compensation cases require a lot of groundwork and if you are able to provide supporting documents along with what you are saying it allows the attorney to suggest the right course of action and also give you a fair estimate of the compensation and benefit that you can claim.

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