If you are fighting a workers’ compensation case, you must bear in mind that most of the cases wouldn’t go through a trial and are settled outside the court. As workers compensation attorney in Oakland who are committed to defending the rights and interests of our clients, we believe out of court settlements are desirable unless the insurance company is denying acceptable compensation to the injured workers and their families. 

The single factor driving out of the court settlements is convenience. If there is a mid-point that can be reached between the two parties it is beneficial on both sides. There are two types of settlement – Stipulations and Award and the other being Compromise & Release. In C&R injured workers are paid a lump sum amount and have to take care of their medical needs for life and in most cases need to resign from the job. While in the case of Stipulations and Award you receive the compensation in smaller installments for permanent disability but it also keeps your medical care open. As the top-rated workers compensation lawyer in Oakland, we believe Stipulations is a better option as it takes care of medical care. 

There is a question often asked by injured workers – do you need workers compensation attorney in case of Stipulations? After all, if you can reach the negotiation table with the insurer why would you need to retain a lawyer? But the fact remains workers and their families who have approached Stipulations and Award without a seasoned lawyer have often had to live with regret. So here are some of the reasons why you need workers compensation lawyer in Oakland for Stipulations – 

  • Experience – As an injured worker you are less likely to know about the Stipulations and Award. This lack of experience can cost you dearly. We have been dealing with such cases on a regular basis and our experience allows us to ensure your rights and interests are protected. 
  • Payments – The monthly payments that you receive are again based on the nature of your disability and the type of medical care you would need in the future. There can be a lot of ambiguity in the whole process wherein the insurance company would try every trick in the book to keep the payments to the lowest amount possible. Negotiation is a two-way process and we shall ensure your interest is protected. 
  • Rejection – There are times when you need to reject the offer made by the insurance companies and take the battle to the country. In such cases, our experience and expertise in workers’ compensation law would keep you prepared for the battle. 

We at the Law Office of James E. Latimer & Associates will stand by your side during your Stipulations and Award and ensure you are awarded the maximum benefits that are due to you for your injury.