Coronavirus has hit the whole world and is spreading like wildfire. Almost all of the states of the US have a vast number of cases of Coronavirus. The confirmed number of cases in the US is around 985000. Whereas, the death toll has approximately hit up to 55,383 till now. 

Since the outbreak has affected every part and field in the country, it is also affecting the workplaces upside down. Because of the epidemic, many employers are thinking to encourage the idea of virtual work. Moreover, the laws of the jobs are getting affected immensely during these days. The COVID-19 is also affecting personal injury cases of the employees and even workers’ compensation law

A lot of workers in Oakland have questioned if they can get workers compensation for their injuries? And if the laws are still acting to give them benefits of injuries occurred while working? Though the rules are still in place as they were before, unfortunately, COVID-19 is causing delays in their action.

Here is what you need to know to deal with everyday work injuries during COVID-19.

Are California Companies Still Paying for Common Work Injuries amid the COVID-19?

The California Insurance Code (CIC) is a set of laws that insurance companies must follow if they are working in the state. One of the rules determined by the CIC is that an insurance organization needs to promptly investigate, manage the process, and pay insurance claims. This rule applies to all types of coverage, including auto or car insurance, homeowner insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, renters insurance, workers’ comp, and others. 

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) has ordered insurance agencies to follow the same rules amid the COVID-19 crisis, which were in place before. On March 18, 2020, they also notified the insurance companies to follow the insurance laws during the Coronavirus outbreak. The commissioner of CDI, Ricardo Lara, encouraged insurance companies to take steps that are necessary during this crisis to process and pay the insurance and fulfill all legal obligations. 

So, if you are in need, then don’t cancel your visit to your healthcare provider, thinking that your health insurance will no longer cover your medical expenses. Furthermore, if a person has suffered injuries in a vehicle accident or at the workplace, they should file their insurance claims and demand their rights. 

Things which can Happen If You are facing Personal Injury Case during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the common concerns of people involved in car accidents were about where they can get medical treatment, how they will recover from injuries, and when they will get a fair settlement from the insurance agencies. 

But the Coronavirus crisis has changed everything upside down. The priorities of people have also changed, and their primary concern is staying healthy, safe, and alive. As the outbreak of the pandemic has increased the worries of people about their health and safety, they want to solve their medical problems quickly. Many people have concerns that they will not receive insurance because of the on-going health and economic crisis. While people are more worried about their health, many are not even filing a claim for insurance because the whole procedure will take time more than before.

It is vital to get your rights; for this, you need to have little patience and follow the exact process which was in place before the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have to face the following problems while claiming for insurance during the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Mild Health Problems may Be Kept on Hold

In most states of America, hospitals and doctors are focusing on Coronavirus patients and delaying treatments of patients who are not suffering from a life-threatening condition/disease. Moreover, medical appointments are also getting canceled by clinics and medical professionals to follow the rule of social distancing. Even patients who are receiving care didn’t show improvement as they should, because of less care. 

Also, lawyers are not recommending their clients to settle the claims until they reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). But due to inconsistent and delayed treatment, MMI is getting delayed. If you are facing the same issue, then ask your lawyer what you need to do to get the best care.

  • You May Think To Claim on the Right Time

If you get into the car accident, you need to file an auto accident claim to meet the expenses of medical care, repair your damaged car, money to feed your family, pay your regular bills, and receive compensation for income loss. So, it is essential to claim as early as possible and hire an attorney to proceed with your injuries claim. 

  • The court can Delay Your Case

The novel Coronavirus has led courtrooms to close their doors. This is why common injury cases are getting delayed, as to maintain social distancing and flatten the curve. Your claims are not going through the court system, and they are not proceeding to trial. 

While the courts are proceeding lawsuits, they are only delaying it, and not putting them at a halt. You must talk to your attorney to keep the process on flow.

  • You may Consider an out-of-court settlement

Some victims may consider settling early because of their financial conditions during the Coronavirus. Insurance agencies are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic is making people desperate to get results and that the victims are willing to accept less than they should get. 

If it is possible, try to avoid early settlement. Instead of this, find any temporary source of income which can help you wait for some time. Moreover, talk to your lawyer when you get a settlement offer to make the right decision.

Bottom Line 

People have concerns about common work injuries during the COVID-19. But they need to understand the situation and wait for the time to receive insurance. Moreover, don’t make decisions based on your financial problems and hire the best attorney who can deal with the whole situation on your behalf. At the Law Offices of the James Latimer, we have helped thousands of workers get well-deserved compensation. Please contact us today for a free consultation.