Did you know that the number of workplace injures tends to increase during the summer months? There are several factors that lead to high rate of job injuries during the summer, and one of them is increased economic activities as most businesses are at their busiest during this season. 

At the Law Office of James E. Latimer & Associates we see a surge in compensation claims every summer and help our clients in filing their claims for compensation. As Law Offices of James Latimer, we have successfully represented our Oakland clients in summer seasonal workers compensation claims over the years. Let us now take you through the most common seasonal job injuries during the summer:

  • Dehydration 
    While dehydration isn’t an injury by itself, the loss of body fluids at a fast rate can easily trigger serious conditions and also prove fatal. All workers, whose job profile demands them to be out in the open during the hottest time of the day, are prone to dehydration. Early symptoms of dehydration include headaches, sluggishness and dizziness. It is important to keep the body dehydrated with fluids and electrolytes to prevent dehydration. 
  • Heat Strokes 
    We mentioned dehydration and how it can lead to serious health conditions, heat stroke is perhaps the most common among them. It happens in extremely hot conditions, where your body’s internal mechanism of regulating the temperature fails. People suffering heat strokes tend to lose their consciousness. It can be prevented by wearing light clothes and also drinking lots of water to regulate body’s temperature. 
  • Slip and Falls 
    Come the summers and workers become prone to slip and fall. The odds of workers walking over wet surfaces increase during the rain and this often results in slip and falls in warehouses, productions units and outdoor facilities of businesses. Apart from this rains are another hazard for workers when they are moving around and this further increases the occurrence of such injuries during the summer. 
  • Vehicular Accidents 
    There is a spike in the number of vehicular accidents during the summer. More vehicles are on the road during the season, which increases the odds of accidents. 

As workers compensation lawyers in Oakland, we specialize in handling cases of workplace injuries and illnesses. If you have suffered any of the injuries or illnesses during the summer or during any other time of the year, don’t wait and get in touch with us immediately. As a client-centric law firm we shall safeguard your interests and earn you the maximum compensation amount possible.