Worker’s compensation in California protects workers if they get injured or ill during their job. It has various benefits that involve physical therapy, medical care, disability payments, and death benefits. California integrated laws for workers’ compensation during the 1910s with several other states.

Oakland, CA, Workers’ Compensation Attorney helps workers to get their compensation coverage on time. They also help employees when insurance companies don’t offer workers’ compensation to an organization.

The system for workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, which means that the ill or injured employee does not have to prove the illness or injury wasn’t their fault to receive the compensation. According to California Labor Law, all workplaces must provide workers’ compensation benefits to their injured employees.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

For more than 90 years ago, the State Legislature passed California’s workers’ compensation law that guarantees automatic benefits and prompts to workers who got injured on the job. Before this law was passed, workers had to sue their employers to recover their lost wages and medical costs.

The lawsuit process was too long, it took days for judges and juries to decide who was at fault, and the payment process took place. Sometimes the injured workers failed to win their case and received nothing for filing the lawsuit, and the process wasted their time and was unfair.

Workers Compensation Attorney in Oakland, CA, ensures you get paid for your medical bills if you get injured on the job site.

Who Receives Workers’ Compensation in California?

Workers’ compensation is provided to all employees, including full-time and part-time workers. If an organization fails to provide workers’ compensation, they are charged with a criminal offense.

Suppose an organization cancels the policy of workers’ compensation to close the company or receive insurance from a different company. In that case, the insurance company will pay a refund amount to the employer.

Benefits of Workers Compensation in California

There are five different types of workers’ compensation benefits in California, and we will discuss them below.

  1. Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary disability occurs when an employee is injured and can’t return to work during recovery. In that case, the employee will be compensated by the company.

  1. Medical Care

The injured employees are provided with medical care, which helps them recover and return to work after being fit for their usual job.

  1. Permanent Disability Benefits

Let’s say a worker has a permanent handicap at work, and their doctor determines they won’t be able to recover. The employee will be eligible for a life pension payment in that case.

  1. Death Benefits

Reliable Workers Comp Attorney Oakland, CA, helps employees get death benefits for the deceased’s family if they die while performing their job.

  1. Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits

Workers compensation law center in Oakland ensures that the employees receive their retraining cost after they return to work but are not able to do their original job.

Where Can Employees Get Workers’ Compensation in California?

Employers in California must purchase workers’ compensation insurance from the state of California Compensation Insurance Fund or a licensed insurance company. Professional workers’ compensation lawyer in Oakland provides insurance benefits to their clients in California.

Organizations can also purchase workers’ compensation on a non-profit basis from the State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance in California

Workers’ compensation cost varies depending on different insurance companies. Employers can get compensation services from the companies that best fulfill their needs. You must remember the services these companies provide, how easily they are accessible to claim, and how much these insurance companies know about your organization.

The cost of workers’ compensation will depend on various factors, such as; how you classify your industry, the payroll, and the history of your company’s past workers’ compensation claims.

When Should You Report Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

You should report your workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible because you can lose your rights to the compensation claim if you don’t report within 30 days. It is the responsibility of employers to file the claim within a day after finding out about the injury or illness of the employee.

Responsibility of Employers Regarding Workers’ Compensation

Employers in California should place an informative poster at the job site to provide information about the organization’s workers’ compensation coverage and where employees can get medical treatment for work injuries.

If the employers don’t post this information, it is considered a misdemeanor and may lead to a civil penalty worth $7000 on a single violation. The organization also has to offer their recruits a pamphlet regarding workers’ compensation to inform them about employee rights and responsibilities.

What Happens if the Employers Don’t Purchase Workers’ Compensation in California?

Employers that don’t purchase compensation insurance for workers are violating California Labor Code. Oakland, CA, Workers’ Compensation Lawyer can issue a stop order against your employer who hasn’t purchased workers’ compensation insurance.

This stop order can close down the entire business operation until and unless the employer gets workers’ compensation insurance and ensures the employees’ rights are saved. The punishment for failing to have workers’ compensation coverage includes:

  • The employer must pay an acceptable double the amount of workers’ compensation insurance to cover the uninsured period.

  • Employers may get imprisonment for a year in the county jail.

Bottom Line

The workers’ compensation law center in Oakland ensures the rights of employees and helps them get their workers’ compensation if they get injured while doing their job or get a work-related illness.

Professional workers’ compensation lawyer Oakland assists you in getting your compensation insurance from the company and ensures your employer is responsible for paying your medical bills related to injury or illness.

Contact us and ask about your workers’ compensation benefits if you have any questions. You can also book a free consultation and get help from our professionals.