You might have heard that California’s Senate has passed COVID-19 and PTSD presumption measures. Wondering why? Well, according to several surveys, many employees still need workers’ compensation to improve their health. Also, it was important to make the claim process easier for employees. Therefore, the Senate passed two bills in late august to support employees in different companies.

Read further to learn about these bills, how you can file a claim, and when it’s important to hire a workers’ compensation law center in Oakland.

California Senate and COVID and PTSD Presumption Measures

In the last few years, California’s government has made several amendments to different laws to facilitate workers during COVID. Thanks to the new policies and laws, employees were able to deal with the pandemic and its drastic impact on their life. The California government recently passed two bills on 29th August 2022 that will help a number of workers’ compensation claimants throughout California.

Senate Bill 284 and Assembly Bill 1751 were passed in the Senate, which indicates expanding the presumption measures for workers’ compensation claims related to post-traumatic stress disorder and COVID-19. Though the coronavirus is now under control, and there are a few reported cases in California, the bill was passed to ensure workers who are still dealing with the effects of the virus can get support. PTSD, on the other hand, is another major issue that many workers in California have been dealing with. These bills can make things easier and more approachable for employees in California.

Read further to learn what these bills are and how they can help workers.

What is SB 284?

This bill was passed in the Senate with 39-0 votes and will be sent to the governor of the state. SB 284 is predominantly designed to offer PTSD presumptions for workers in firefighting institutions. This bill covers a great number of firefighters working in different departments.

If you are a firefighter and belong to the following department, you can benefit from the recent change in regulations.

  • Department of State Hospital

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Military Department

  • Department of Development Services

Besides these, the bill also covers employees working as Justice Department security officers. Some state hospital security officers will also fall under the bill. This bill will offer more time to workers to claim PTSD-related worker’s compensation. However, employees looking to benefit from these bills may have developed PTSD because of their work. There are certain requirements that you need to meet to claim workers’ compensation. Also, your claim will be considered true unless the responding insurance agency proves that you didn’t develop PTSD as a result of your job. If you face this problem, you can contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Oakland, CA, to prove your illness.

What is AB 1751?

This is another bill that was passed in the Senate with a good amount of votes, i.e., 30-9. Before AB 1751 is enacted, it will go back to the State Assembly for approval. Furthermore, the bill was designed to extend the COVID-19 workers’ compensation presumption measures, which were developed during the peak of the pandemic to help workers in California. However, AB 1751 only covers specific workers.

Similar to SB 284, AB 1751 makes it easier for employees in different departments to file for workers’ compensation if they develop symptoms of coronavirus. Under this bill, the employee who will get the support must have contracted the virus while performing his or her responsibility regarding the work, such as helping customers or delivering products to clients. After the workers claim, the insurance agency needs to prove that the employee hasn’t contracted the virus due to work but got it while doing personal activity like attending parties.

Though the bill will return to the assembly for approval, experts believe that it will surely get approval and will return to the Senate. After that, it will be sent to governor Newsom’s desk. Once the bill gets approval, you can claim to get workers’ compensation.

How to Claim for Workers Compensation?

You might be wondering how you will claim workers’ compensation once SB 284 and SB 1751 got approved. The claim process is similar to other workers’ compensation. Here are the steps that you need to follow to benefit from the COVID-19 or PTSD presumption measures. You can either do the entire process by yourself or hire an Oakland CA, workers’ compensation lawyer for help.

Fill the Form

You need to file a claim form to begin the workers’ compensation process and protect your rights. For this, you can request a claim form from your employer. Your employer will send the form within one working day after your illness. Once you get it, you need to complete the employee section in the form and send it back to your employer.

It’s important to accurately complete the form and write the date and sign the form before sending it back. Also, keep a copy of the form as a record. Remember that if you don’t send the form to your employer, you will not be able to receive the benefits.

Completion of the Form

Once your employer receives the form, they will fill in the employer section and send the completed form to the insurance company. They will also send a copy of the completed form to you as a record.

Wait for the Insurance Company to Respond

Your insurance agency has around 14 days to respond to you and tell you the status of your claim. If you don’t get a response, contact the insurance company to determine the results of your claim.

Acceptance of Insurance Claim

If the insurance company accepts your claim, you will enjoy the benefits of workers’ compensation. The benefits depend on your illness and claim.

Note that if the process is daunting and challenging for you, you can hire professional workers’ compensation lawyer in Oakland. They will complete the process for you and deal with the insurance company if your claim gets rejected.

Contact Reliable Workers Comp Attorney in Oakland, CA

If you are dealing with PTSD or coronavirus, you can benefit from the extended COVID-19 and PTSD presumption measures in California. This will help you cover the medical expenses or get leave to recover quickly from the illness.

If your employer or insurance agency has refused to support you in these difficult times, you can contact Oakland CA Workers Compensation Attorney. These experts will help you get right and focus on your health. So, if you need support, contact the Law Office of James E. Latimer and Associates. Our team will guide you throughout the process and take responsibility for the case while you focus on your health.